Using Our Products

Thank you for your Alkimist purchase. To maximize your luxury skin care experience and assist you in the maintenance of your product, please read the following important instructions before application.


  1. To maximize the life of our all natural soaps, please keep the soap dry between use.  A ventilated soap dish is great for that purpose.
  2. Our non soap (skincare) products should be applied only to clean skin.
  3. Always cleanse hands thoroughly before applying any products to the face or eye area in order to prevent germs, bacteria, dirt or other contaminating substances from being transferred from your fingers.
  4. If you are an individual with sensitive skin, we recommend applying a small amount of product to the inside of wrist or elbow area and leaving on for several hours as a “patch test.” This process will help you to assess whether this product is compatible with your skin type before you apply it to your face or eye area.
  5. Should any irritation be noticed or felt from this or any other skin care product, remove product immediately with warm water or a clean cloth or cotton pad, and discontinue use. Consult your physician should prolonged irritation ensue after removing product from affected area.
  6. For optimal maintenance and efficacy of the product, do not expose to extremes of hot or cold temperatures. Ideally, products should be stored in a dry place at room temperature and away from areas of humidity or that incur frequent changes in temperature such as the shower or bathing area.
  7. Do not let fingertip directly touch the tip/nozzle of the dispensing area. Instead, allow the dispenser to project the product onto clean fingertip and repeat as needed.
  8. When using skin care preparations for the care of skin around the eye area, it is important to apply in gentle tapping motions along the orbital bone area expanding outward from the cheek toward the temple area, avoiding direct contact with the eye or immediate eye area.
  9. Although our products are made of food grade ingredients, these products are for external use only. Do not ingest.