The Why Behind the Brand

Written by Kimi Kang


Posted on December 12 2022

Creating high quality products with all natural ingredients has always been a priority but it wasn't until the second half of 2022 that I found my "why".  

Life had become exceptionally challenging and I was at my breaking point in all aspects of my life.  Some call it the dark night of the soul, I suppose.  I felt completely broken. Nothing was going right. My career, love life, health and self image had all fallen apart.  I began to rub oil blends on my chest every day to cope. I would have calls with my therapist twice a week a times. I cried often.  I moved to Hawaii to learn to farm but moving thousands of miles away couldn't fix my problems.  I had to break apart to realize and accept how much pain I was holding onto and how it was affecting my everything.

Dealing with your shit and actually doing the work to become a better and more whole person is hard AF.  It's ugly, and sometimes the best you can do is take a shower or bath for the day.  Alkimist Beauty is here for that...

Aromatherapy works.  Being mindful of what you put in and on your body works.  And having a safe space where it's okay to celebrate wins or cry til you fall in the shower (true story, will elaborate later) is restorative.  

We are a skincare brand, but we aspire to be so much more...because I know how hard our journeys can be and I never want anyone to feel like you are going through it alone.  

Take a deep breath...your journey awaits, and we will be right here.

With all the endless supply of love we can create and some gold,

The Alkimist



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