Done is Better than Perfect

Written by Kimi Kang


Posted on May 22 2023

I've been making soap for over 17 years and have an International MBA in Entrepreneurship. I should have been well-positioned to have a global brand by now, right?

Right, but it wasn't until a few months ago that I realized I never took myself seriously enough to go all in. I felt like I never had the perfect formula -universally appealing to all skin types, conditions and preferences. I've had lots of positive feedback, but all I could hear was that little debilitating voice telling me it wasn't good enough. I couldn't make a decision with packaging for ages because I'm practical, but I wanted things to be eco-friendly. I debated whether I believed in capitalism and what was ethical and inclusive if I were to have a business. This girl's brain is always going.

At my core, I'm an ultra nerd. I watch documentaries about everything and read science books for fun! That is something I actually love about myself; I'm very curious. I LOVE research and development. I would probably experiment forever if I could. I'm in awe of the earth and what we can create using our resources. However, knowing that there are a ton of options and many ways to do literally everything often paralyzes me. It is hard to make decisions when your brain accounts for innumerable variables and wants to get things PERFECT.

Years ago, I encountered a saying: "Done is better than PERFECT." I painted it on a sign and proceeded to ignore it in my daily life. (Admittedly, I can be hardheaded at times.) On a personal journey to become a better (and healed) person, I acknowledged my procrastination and its underlying causes. These days, I constantly remind myself of the importance of action. There is real value in critical thinking and making informed choices, but sometimes you have to choose and move forward.

Alkimist Beauty is a representation of me. After all, it has my name written right in it. The brand is far from complete. There will likely be many changes in the future, but I have put immense thought into the product formulas, the packaging, and the messaging.

In my blog posts, I plan to be vulnerable. I might even overshare. I want to create a space and community where we can speakly freely and vulnerability is celebrated! We can collectively co-create a better reality for ourselves as individuals and a community.

If you psych yourself out of taking action, know you are not alone. Speak up and share your story if you'd like. I'm here and I want to remind you- You're doing great. Done is better than perfect. If you feel like you're not ready, take a chance. You are worth it.

With so much love <3,

The Alkimist




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    Thank you for sharing!
    I am procrastinator at heart, and I over-think, and over share.
    I appreciate this blog, it touch my heart. I continue to recreate and heal myself.
    I am looking forward to walking along with you on your journey.
    Nuff Love

    Posted by Pierre McNeil | June 10, 2023
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